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How to Create Your First Holiday Marketing Campaign

Every company continuously aspires to increase sales and the number of customers it serves. Marketing has always been an effective means of doing this, provided sound marketing tactics have been employed. Holidays offer a fantastic chance for imaginative and engaging marketing and several long-term advantages.

Using holiday marketing to attract consumers and connect with your business can help you grow brand awareness and revenue.

So, what makes a holiday marketing campaign successful? There are many factors to consider, so developing your campaign should come first. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), over 40% of customers start their holiday shopping before Halloween each year, implying that your campaign must also begin early. You'll also need a creative concept to get started. Continue reading if you're stuck or want to liven up your holiday marketing must haves.

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What are the Benefits of Holiday Marketing?

Holidays provide a big chance for distinctive and compelling marketing and a range of long-term benefits.

Here's why holiday marketing is important:

Increased Demand

The demand for goods and services rises throughout the holiday season as people buy presents for friends and family members as well as themselves. This increase in demand offers businesses a chance to connect with customers who have never used or heard of their goods or services.

Sense of Urgency

Because the holidays fall on a specified day or time frame, customers have an urgency they do not often feel throughout the year. This shifts purchasing behavior from passive to active, boosting customer willingness to spend.

What Should You Expect During the 2022 Holiday Season?

Here are some holiday shopping period forecasts for 2022.

Customers Will Choose Value and Experience Over Loyalty

Consumers are being pushed to change their buying habits due to growing fuel prices, food insecurity, and double-digit inflation. According to Salesforce, half of all shoppers will shift products to reduce costs. In other words, 2.5 billion consumers worldwide may choose to buy anything based on a deal that better suits their budget.

E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce Will Continue to Grow in Popularity

Following a 32% increase in 2020, e-commerce growth hit double digits in 2021, climbing 10.4% to $204.20 billion over the holiday season. Substantial changes in the business market emerged with the new decade, and growth in e-commerce soared, establishing new digital habits. The popularity of online shopping will increase as consumers become accustomed to it. If you have a physical location but no online options, now is a great time to create some.

How to Create a Good Holiday Marketing Strategy

Use this holiday marketing guide to ensure you cover all of your bases:

1. Start Early and Have a Plan

Planning and implementing a great marketing strategy takes time, so getting started long before the holidays is critical. This will give you sufficient time to polish your messaging, provide visually striking content, and ensure everything is ready for launch.

2. Leverage Radio Advertising

Radio consistently reaches more Americans each week compared to any other medium. Most people commonly use the radio in their cars, which is not typically age-specific. Broadcast advertising radio involves planning, competent production, and a compelling but innovative message. Expertly created holiday radio advertisements are the most cost effective marketing strategies that can assist you in boosting traffic to your business.

3. Use Paid Campaigns to Increase Awareness

It’s crucial for your business to be found online and to stand out from the competition. So, what method should you implement to gain more exposure and return on investment (ROI)? The solution is a paid advertising campaign. Also known as pay-per-click ads (or PPC), these will ensure your business shows up in search results!

Regardless of scope, you may run paid advertising and tailor your campaign based on where your target demographic is located. Then, throughout the holiday season, design customized advertising and landing pages that give incentives to purchase at your store.

4. Create Targeted Email Campaigns

Email marketing is ideal for holiday advertising. Using holiday email marketing, you may engage your desired audience wherever they are.

Email marketing enables your business to:

  • Increase Brand Awareness: During the holidays, make an impression. During the hectic holiday season, emails are one of the finest methods to stand out.
  • Obtain New Customers: Special deals and holiday promos might help expand your audience. Then, after the holidays, execute efforts to convert first-time consumers into loyal clients.

5. Be Purpose-Driven

The holiday shopping season is among the ideal times to invest in a connection on an emotional level with your target market. And if you know how to increase consumer interaction, you can always enhance conversion significantly. According to a global survey, customers are four to six times more inclined to buy, preserve, and support purpose-driven businesses. You are preparing for maximum success over the next Christmas season by providing the finest bargains uniform across all your platforms.

6. Use the Best Holiday Social Media Campaigns

Utilize all the leading social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, to reach as broad an audience as possible. Insert photographs and videos into your material as needed. 

You may encourage others to share your material by publishing it on your social media accounts. When creating a social media marketing campaign, confirm that the platforms you select are used by your target demographic.

Holiday Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

Avoid these holiday marketing blunders that might harm your internet presence, clientele, and bottom line:

1. Using Only One Marketing Channel

You should not base your holiday reach strategies just on one medium. For example, mix radio and television advertising to boost your holiday sales. The holidays are an excellent opportunity to experiment with new strategies. You'll reach more clients this way over the holiday season.

2. Sending Too Many Holiday Emails

Do not continuously saturate your email marketing target audience or social media followers with adverts, even if you are running sales and discounts. A decent discount is one thing, but spammy offers will appear aggressive or annoying. This may turn off potential customers. Avoid ad fatigue when you can.

3. Planning Holiday Marketing Plans Last Minute

It's important to go through the entire sales process as if you were a brand-new consumer when thinking about holiday marketing (as many likely will be). Analyze conversion process gaps and possible friction reduction areas during checkout.

Holiday Marketing with Mid-West Family Eau Claire

After the holiday sales rise, you may maintain your sales momentum by putting the mentioned ideas into practice and collaborating with local media advertising. Make a long-term strategy for the holidays and beyond with Mid-West Family.

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